90 Day LSM: Testimonials

Ian Pounder

Hi Jeff,

I would just like to thank you for all of your help and professional advice and support.

I had struggled to find a diet I could stick, or a weight loss program that would work and give me the results I was looking for, then I stumbled upon on your Physical FX website and took the step and got in touch with yourself and started your 90 Day LSM program and I have never looked back.

This program along with your support as changed my life for the better. I lost two and a half stone in 3 months and learned a lot about nutrition and fitness. My energy levels trebled and I feel like nothing is a chore. My cholesterol levels dropped to a safe level and I also learned (as you kept telling me) that the 90 Day LSM is not a diet but a lifestyle change.

I just basically wanted to say thank you and say that I feel as though I have gained a friend as well as achieving my fitness goals. This program, which has catered for my needs, was absolutely spot on and I will continue to use the knowledge that I have taken from it for the rest of my life.

Absolutely excellent, keep up the good work mate. I will speak to you soon.

Cheers again. Ian.

90 Day LSM

On behalf of client

Posting on behalf of my hubby FOUR STONE LOST in 7 weeks on the 90 Day LSM plan, as Jeff says this IS NOT A DIET, they DO NOT WORK!! This is a lose, shape and maintain plan. It's a lifestyle change which teaches easy tasty healthy meals, eating SIX TIMES A DAY! Never hungry at all, in fact at first forcing food down haha. Funny seeing him trying to eat his morning snack after a hearty breakfast ?.

The main thing I've found is our whole family are all eating healthy and addicted to coconut water and almond milk! Kids gone from white bread to peanut butter on granary toast, frozen chicken nuggets with fries to chicken and rice with roast veg, they actually asked for the same as daddy!

He is sleeping with out medication and is full of energy (yes, FULL of energy lol ?) ha ha.

For me, as the amazing wife I am, LOL, at first it was hard not eating crap and takeaways in front of him. Still got McDonald's for kids at the weekend but was horrified to see in one wrap there was 2700 calories ?. This is a daily intake and here was me thinking a chicken wrap was 'healthy' NO! ?

It's hard work preparing the meals, etc, but omg we are ALL loving our new lifestyle.

My hubby can't go to booty, because he has the kids while I go but this is a total blessing for our family.

We don't stick to the plan religiously now but he is still loosing weight. We've been out on a weekend and having a cheeky Indian or Fish & Chips at Whitby as a treat.

He even got a bit worried saying he don't want to loose any more just maintain lol.

Sorry for this mega long letter but I've been writing for him and also telling how this has changed our life.

Jeff Hazell you ARE THE MAN!

90 Day LSM
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