Bootcamp Testimonials

Abbi Lamb

If you are someone who gets bored with gym and not sure what your doing then Jeff's bootcamps are just for you they are fun good variation I have never yet been bored I go to ladies only and mixed and love both I feel so much fitter in only a few months. Jeff gives good advice on nutrition and injuries it amazes me how he remembers everyone's ailments but he does great instructor for great results. Would never go back to a boring gym now and fab to train in the lovely weather.

Mark Whaley

I promised Jeff Hazell that I would put some before and after pics of my change in body shape and reduction from 18st to 13st 8lbs over the last couple of years. Had it not been for Jeff and his unbound enthusiasm, inspiration and assistance from fellow boot campers all combined with the healthy eating encouraged by my lovely wife I do not think I could have achieved what I have so far. I am now at a weight that I am comfortable with and which means I can do so much more.

Paula Crane

Woo hoo I'm feeling absolutely ecstatic! Just stood on the scales this morning, I'm 3 pounds off losing 3 stone from the beginning of August to early December. That's an achievement for me. Just another 1 1/2 stone to target. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and support couldn't do it without you all. A big thank you to Jeff my bootcamp trainer who, without his eating plans, bootcamps and encouragement I wouldn't have got to where I am today.

Angie MacPherson

Thank you very much Jeff for all your help, inspiration and encouragement and especially for the support you gave me when I started having knee problems, Jeff, you are the Chief!

Anita Birch

I, for one, would like to thank Jeff Hazell, for all the hard work, passion and dedication he has given. Never once in the two years I have been attending Bootcamp, has Jeff not turned up, not been supportive of everyone's needs and not striven for the best for each and every Bootcamp member.

Jason Rowe

Training with Jeff Hazel was and is the best decision I have ever made to improve my health. Jeff makes training a real pleasure and never a chore. He is an all round top man and his passion for health fitness and life pours in to everyone that trains with him. This is the longest fitness regime I have ever stuck with the best results I have ever achieved. All thanks to Jeff. Keep up the fantastic work long may it continue.

Kath Seddon

Iit's pretty much all been said already. You are such an inspirational coach and so very obviously dedicated to helping others achieve things they never thought possible.

Katie Wray

I had put a lot of weight on since 'packing in' exercise and I knew from past experience of your sessions that only you Jeff could help me. I'd tried so many other things but nothing worked. So I plucked up the courage to just ask you if you'd help me! I was chuffed and scared when you said yes! You told me straight that I've have to make changes and be completely committed because it just won't work if not. You have me advice straight away and the meal plan you provided kick started my healthy eating. So training with you twice a week had begun! I'm so grateful for your almost daily messages of encouragement and support, they are a massive boost and a constant reminder that I can't give up! You've given me exercise ideas for the rest of the weekdays and are checking that I'm doing it. The training sessions are a massive deal for me! I cannot believe you've got me pushing a sledge, stepping onto that box and doing those crazy ropes!! These are things I would usually give up on (as you know!) it's a lot of hard work and while I'm doing it I'm not really sure I can but you keep saying I can and I do! I leave feeling a huge buzz that lasts till the next session! My 16lb loss in a month has amazed me, looking forward to loosing more!

Nikki Watkins

After attending my first Bootcamp 3yr ago after having my daughter I had zero confidence and an extra three stone on me Jeff and the other people who were attending the sessions made me feel part of the Bootcamp family. Jeff encouraged me and was there when needed even when I moaned and whined about how brutal he was been haha! And he helped me lose 3 stone drop 4 dress sizes and regain my self confidence. I was able to walk into a place smiling with my head up and not hiding in corners or behind others coz I was so shy. So thanks Jeff for all you've done for every single one of us who've attended your sessions. You've changed us all in some way each individually. And I'll be deffo coming along to your new sessions :)

Steve Jolly

I started training with Jeff back in 2012. I'd got myself badly out of shape and I didn't have the confidence to go into a traditional gym to try and get fit. After attending just one of Jeff's boot camps I was hooked... I found Jeff to be highly motivational without being overbearing or aggressive with it.. He always has a warm welcome for everyone wether you are a long standing member or a first timer. He makes sure everyone is able to work out to their maximum, regardless of health an ability and creates a very inclusive environment in every class. No one is made to feel inferior in Jeff's classes. Jef makes every class fun and enjoyable although his professionalism shines through in everything he does. In a matter of months Jeff helped me lose 3 stone and I found myself fitter than I have ever been.. I have since maintained this as Jeff helped me to make fitness and exercise a way of life for me and not just a short term fad. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff to anyone looking for either a private instructor or someone looking to join a group class.

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