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Jeff HazellMy name is Jeff Hazell and I am the owner and founder of Physical FX Personal Training and Esprit de Corps Bootcamps.

I’ve been involved with health & fitness since a very early age and feel very passionately about maintaining a lifestyle of regular exercise and combining that with eating wholesome food is a good recipe for helping us to live life to the full.

My background stems from a career spanning 23 years in the British Army, 13 years as a full time Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructor. I served all over the World, working closely with many different cultures, religions and civilians and soldiers from other country’s Armed forces and civilian populations. I also specialised in Exercise Rehabilitation and worked closely with injured soldiers and officers helping them to return to full operational fitness.

Since leaving the Armed Forces, I have also worked for the MOD as a civilian Physical Training Instructor and Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor. I’m a level four, Register of Exercise professionals certified Instructor.

To me, the most important part of any exercise programme is that you must enjoy it, of course you will be out of breath, and feel some discomfort, even pain, but eventually all the sweat, hard work, effort, determination and motivation will turn to muscle, your heart and lungs will work more efficiently, daily tasks will become easier, you’ll feel energised, your self esteem will rise as will your confidence and outlook on life.

I am a people person, I love to see people progress, having fun and moving forward. The most important part is building an immediate rapport with my clients, I want them to feel comfortable and feel part of the “PhysicalFX fitness family” straight away. There are no ego’s, just other great people spurring each other on and wanting to see people succeed.

Together We Can Climb Mountains

ESPRIT DE CORPS: 18th French meaning "Spirit of the body"
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